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The Calm Effect - 5 Keys For Introverts To Succeed Without Stress And Lead With Poise (PAPERBACK)

The Calm Effect - 5 Keys For Introverts To Succeed Without Stress And Lead With Poise (PAPERBACK)

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**Book #2 In The Introvert Leader Series**

A calm leader is the most powerful in the room.

In corporate and business environments, extraversion is often associated with success.  People that are seen as extremely expressive, dominant, and sociable seem to always get ahead.  For introverts this dynamic can be discouraging and might make them feel like the best way to accomplish their goals is to transform into something they're extrovert.  This false belief can lead to stress, overthinking, and feelings of imposter syndrome.   

But there is a better way…

In The Calm Effect, the second book in ‘The Introvert Leader’ series and highly anticipated follow-up to Quiet Voice Fearless Leader, we explore the power of intentional calmness in leadership.  Throughout this book are several examples, including critical moments in history, that prove the strength and effectiveness of individuals that carry themselves with a calm demeanor.  Each chapter has a new key for you to discover.  When you begin to put all five keys into practice, then you will start to experience yourself shifting away from stress and worry, to operating with calm and poise. 

Lean into your strengths as an introvert, lean into calmness, and watch your life change forever.

Praise For The Calm Effect

"The perfect follow-up to Quiet Voice, Fearless Leader.  A must-read for introverts who want to strengthen their leadership skills while staying authentic to who they are." - Matthew Pollard, award winning speaker and bestselling author of The Introvert’s Edge series

“Downright empowering...the best book I’ve read on how introverts can use calmness and become excellent leaders.” - Shanda Miller, bestselling author of From Supervisor To Superleader

“In The Calm Effect Terrance Lee offers a heartfelt guide for introverts to thrive and lead with grace. With a personable approach, he shares his five keys to success, providing invaluable insights for leaders looking to navigate the world without stress. A must-read for anyone seeking to harness their introverted strengths and make a powerful impact!” - Chelene Knight, author of Let It Go: Free Yourself From Old Beliefs and Find a New Path to Joy

"Calm leadership is powerful leadership - and that's exactly the kind of leadership introverts are uniquely poised to offer. Gripping, inspiring, and empowering throughout, The Calm Effect shows introverts how to tap into their most underutilized strength and turn it into their biggest asset." - Chelsey Brooke Cole, psychotherapist and bestselling author of If Only I'd Known! How to Outsmart Narcissists, Set Guilt-Free Boundaries, and Create Unshakeable Self-Worth

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